Accountability, Consistency, Dedication, Reliability

In addition to our core technical competencies, RTP Technology Corporation prides itself on a culture of developing deep customer relationships and understanding of business requirements that result in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What makes RTP who we are?

Our sustained and proven track record is built on a relentless focus that includes consistently delivering outstanding service to numerous Fortune 500 companies across all industries.

We have designed and implemented countless solutions supporting mission-critical applications while our technical resources have been deployed and are responsible for the management of these solutions on an ongoing basis for our customers.






RTP operates with a set of core values that are central to defining who we are as a company. We hold ourselves accountable for every engagement, transaction, and outcome; as we believe it is these activities that define who we are as individuals, as a team, and as a company. Building and maintaining long-term business relationships based on a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s goals and objectives are the pillars of our RTP operating model. To that end, we strive to provide your company with best of breed technology solutions that meet and exceed expectations. We understand the importance of successful outcomes and believe we validate our efforts each and every day with the notable list of customers that have worked with RTP for many years.





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